The 7th Scientific Conference - from 26 to 29 August 2015 in Sharm ElSheikh المؤتمر العلمى السابع - من 26 الي 29 أغسطس 2015 شرم الشيخ || Proceeding of Fifth Conference || Join The EGYSAW Society Now - أنضم الي الجمعية الان

The Society’s Objectives:

  1. Holding specialized seminars on animals, poultry and fish management field, guiding breeders and those who are interested in veterinary medicine about the right methods of animal management.

  2. Holding scientific conferences on animal production fields.

  3. Cooperating with other societies interested in animal management and welfare inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt, and demanding the animal rights hard to be demanded.

  4. Issuing future scientific journal specialized in animal, poultry and fish management and welfare field.

  5. Creating a database for the society at information network international on animal management and welfare.

  6. Creating a scientific library includes books, scientific periodicals and the researches recently published on animal, poultry, garden animals and fish welfare field.

  7. Organizing scientific and social trips for researchers and staff of animal production field especially the society members, and visiting farms for briefing on different management methods.

  8. Establishing economic projects in animal production field.

  9. Cooperating with veterinary bodies, veterinary medicine directorates and pharmaceutical companies for coordinating working on increasing animal production and knowing the new in animal, poultry and fish management field.